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        Meeting with the Master Philippe de Lyon  

Here is the message received by Air from Master Philippe de Lyon :
“I am the Master Philippe of Lyon.
I am coming to propose a new way of proceeding to you in order to fine tune the adjustments of your densest structures, thus allowing to free some space for the Light One, and allowing the installation of Ki-Ris-Ti.
The way of functioning that I propose is the following :
I will use this channel in order to come as close as possible to you. From there, it will be possible for me to intervene in a precise way. As you need words, I will explain to you what I will be doing.
Do understand that the aim is not to look after your various little scratches, related to your humanity. It is really intended to allow you to grow within your Eternity.
I also specify that, once I have taken place in this channel, it does not matter if you are present in the same physical space, or if you are at the other end of your planet.
I am delighted to be able to intervene in this way, and I do it as Melchizedek of Earth, but also as carrier of Christ.
There is absolutely no need to come with a particular request, because I will see very clearly what needs to be activated in priority.
So, friends, brothers, sisters, I will see you again soon for these privileged meetings with your servant, Philippe of Lyon.”

Registering for an appointment is proposed for 15 €.
For any registration made, you will have the possibility to connect live to the webradio and you will receive by mail the transcription of the message that will have been transmitted to you.

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