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I am Ma Ananda Moyi.

I come today, in this day of Celebration, carrier of the AL Star, carrier of the Alpha. I come in the presence of Anna, my Sister carrier of the OD Star, the Omega. My Sister will intervene tomorrow, and I will be by her side.
The time of the reunion between the Alpha and the Omega has come. The Earth has gained momentum, raising her Chant so as to join with the Chant of Sky. This is in you, this is everywhere.

Time has come to establish Shantinilaya within you, reuniting the Alpha and the Omega.

Carrier of the Alpha, carrier of the Sacred Feminine, I bring back matter to Spirit, and I surrender body to Spirit…

So, as we tell you and repeat, the time is for Celebration, for now, within you, the Alpha and the Omega are reuniting…


Many sisters among you have perceived the call to join me, thus supporting the return of matter to Spirit. This is not for tomorrow, this is now.

So I invite you, wherever you are, to join Spirit, to surrender your body to Spirit.
Listen to the Chant of Sky and of Earth merge within you.

Loved of One, rejoin your Source…


Nothing can prevent the return in Alpha and Omega, the return within Divinity. This is now. It is only up to you to celebrate it. It is only up to you to chant it.

Establish within yourself the Dwelling of Supreme Peace, and open the way to the Return of the One within it.


He told you: « I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life ». So, start the way by proclaiming this Truth: “I am the Alpha and the Omega”.


The Earth has chosen: her moment is now. Do not wait for anything that is not already within you. Because what the Earth has chosen, you must choose it in your turn.

Do you want to surrender your body to Spirit? And do you want to surrender Spirit into the hands of the One?
There, is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

In this day where you celebrate Fire, let’s celebrate the return within the Fire of Spirit…


The planetary Elements, the whole of the Universe, are only here to illustrate what is present within what you Are of all Eternity. Then, whether we tell you so by talking about stars or by talking about what is happening within you, that is the same Truth, that is the only Truth.

You cannot receive Truth if you content yourself with waiting for the Sky to fall on your head. You cannot receive Truth if you separate your sky from what is inside. So, depending on where you place yourself, we tell you so by talking about the stars, we tell you so by talking about the inside, and we say to all of you: it shall be done according to your will.

Ultimately, whether you believe that all is coming from the outside, or whether you believe that all is coming from the inside of the body, all that is the same: this means that there is still someone within you and that Transparency is not complete. Because Light does not care about the inside and the outside, Light only celebrates the One. It brings with her the Ecstasy of the One for the One, and not of the One for the other, or of the One for you.

Joining Spirit is to place oneself within Transparency. This is to hand over the keys. Do not wait for tomorrow, do not put off to later finding the truth on the presence of a person within your body. Joining Spirit is to make your own this sentence: “You were never born”.

So, brothers and sisters, so, do you wish to become the children of the One? Or do you wish to feel even bigger? That is your choice. That is your choice; that is your freedom.

No external condition can justify the fact of putting back to tomorrow your decision. Putting back to tomorrow means that you still want to negotiate – negotiate a truce, negotiate to keep ties, negotiate to keep your body, negotiate to keep whatever it is. I am not telling you that you must lose your body: you must let go of the illusory property that you have place on this body. This body is the property of the One, this body is entirely to the Glory of the One. So, do you still want to keep for some time the illusion that this Glory belongs to you?

That will not make you living dead. That will not make you dead on this world. On the contrary, you will be alive, alive in the One, alive on this world, bringing the Light of the One to deploy itself.

Children of One, this is now.

So, I am not telling you see you tomorrow, I am not telling you see you soon. I am telling you, see you now within Love, see you now within Spirit.
Transmitted by Air